As we wind down the year into what we expect to be a frantic holiday season, we reflect back on the challenges we've faced the last year.  From tires to plywood to cars, every thing stateside is getting harder and more expensive to get.  

The supply chain degradation we've battled with all year, is continuing to spiral into a deeper and deeper abyss of uncertainty.   The compounding effect of backed up ports has made it hard to get containers back to Asia.  Each cycle the timelines get longer and longer.

Today we received notice from our global logistics partner that if we don't already have containers booked, we will not be getting any more bikes in 2021.  There's a 30-45 days delay time just to receive a container and it's backdoored by an estimated 60 day port to dock timeline.  This unfortunately has pushed what we had ordered for December back to February 2022.  

That doesn't mean you're SOL though.  We do have two shipments arriving in November. Many of those units are marked for preorders, but there are units still remaining that can be delivered before Christmas.  

So if you're looking to get a King and Queen's Wicked Thumb Electrocycle combo in your figurative stocking this year, we recommend getting your order in soon.  We've thrown up Free Shipping on All Preorders through the end of the month to save you guys $150 and you can still get $200 off 2 bikes with code ETWINS.  

Thanks for continuing to allow us to do something we love everyday.  We're finishing out a strong 2021 and gearing up for an exciting 2022!  

See you on the road!


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