About Wicked Thumb

Wicked Thumb was launched in the summer of 2019 with 

Over hundreds of thousands of miles on a Harley Davidson, it was clear that nothing brought more zen, adventure, fulfillment and clarity than these epic motorcycle adventures.  Anyone who knows Ron will tell you put a few drinks in him and he's going to try and convince you to get a motorcycle.  

The bottom line, however, is that less than 1% of us will ever ride or own a motorcycle.  But, 95% have rode a bike.  

They say We Never Forget How to Ride a Bike.  The 


The Joy of Riding on Two Wheels starts with the anticipation, hard work and triumph of learning to ride a bicycle as a child.  It continues through all the adventures shared, just you and your bike. The attachment, care and personalization. The healthy competition against a jump, trail, obstacle, yourself and each other that bike riding teaches.  The bonding with friends, family and nature.  Life does not get much simpler than hopping on your bike and going for a ride.  

In the years leading up to 2020 the number of people cruising on b


Wicked Thumb We set out in 2019 to Offer Some Individuality and Excitement to Millions of Americans Sitting on the Sidelines of the EV revolution.  Your bike should be a custom tailored reflection of Your Personality and not just a Conformist Offering From Big Corporate Bike Brand.  It should stop people dead in their tracks to take a pic and ask you about it.  

We aim to disrupt the Electric Bike Business By Selling Through Non-Traditional Channels

We Are The Ageless.  Live Life On Our Own Terms Without Fear or Reservation.  We Demand the Finest Things In Life.  The World is Ours for the Taking.  

And We Will Do It On Two Wheels.  

We Are the Wicked Thumb Army.  



The Original McQueen, Blacked Out and BadAss

When We Ride, We Want People to Know We're Coming.  

We Want People to Drool Over Our Bikes.  Wish They Had One.  

We Mean Business.  Our Bikes Should Be A Reflection of Our Personality, Not Just Another Conformist Offering from a Mega Corporate Bike Brand. 

Everytime We Open the Garage Door and the Light Hits That Bike We Appropriately

Aptly Nicknamed ‘The Destroyer’ Because That's Exactly What It Does to the Cookie Cutter Mold of the American E-bike Market. 

Life is Too Short To Ride the Same Boring Bike Everyone Else Has. 

Because 'Cool' Is Undefeated.