Wicked Thumb Ebike Springer Front Fender Install

Let's say you just received your brand new Wicked Thumb bike. You ordered the badass ebike of your dreams, complete with springer forks and some chopped fenders. This brief tutorial will run you through the details of ensuring that your front fender is installed on your springer forks correctly.


Tech tips

  • fender.
  • Use a 5mm allen wrench to tighten the bolt just until you see the bolt protrude from the back side, but leave it a bit loose in order to make some fine tuning adjustments once the wheel is on.
  • his is going to make your day a lot easier. With the wheel on, you'd have to deflate the tire and try and squeeze an allen wrench in there.
  • Attach the acorn nut to the bolt with a 10mm wrench. Leave it a bit loose, with a bit of free play, for fine tuning adjustments to the fender position.
  • have equal distance between the top of the tire in the front 
  • Tighten everything down, and you're good to go!