A few days ago I officially counted the 100th email telling me we need an ‘Our Story’ or ‘About Us’ page on the website.

So, I capitulate. I introduce to you a new monthly series of stories behind the Wicked Thumb brand.

Or maybe I just feel inspired after a root canal and prescription strength dose of Maker’s Mark 46 to ease the pain.

The Wicked Thumb electric bike business started in the summer of 2019. It began with converting a single bike into a 32mph electric mid-drive. Then another. Then a couple of new bikes, then a couple of customs. And it quickly turned into something of substance. It was fun. It was creative. People stopped to talk about it, take pictures, ask to try it out. It had potential. But, we couldn’t find enough bikes to convert to meet demand. So, we needed a production bike.

So, in the fall of 2019 we started laying out must haves for our first bike. It had to look and feel substantial. We wanted 26” fat wheels and tires. We wanted vintage American V-Twin motorcycle undertones. We wanted something that concealed the battery. We needed a conversation piece frame. We wanted to use lightweight yet strong materials. And most importantly we needed the perfect canvas for customizing and personalization to capture motorcycle and hot rod enthusiasts.

By my estimate, 95% of ebikes just serve the purpose of being an ebike. They don’t make you feel ‘Wow. This Thing is So Fucking Cool! I WANT THIS BIKE!’

When you first look at a Wicked Thumb Destroyer in person it appears to bow up on you like a lion with Its powerful lines, dominant stance and Its iconic thumbing devil tank badge that screams rebellion, rock n' roll and the never say never attitude that defines Wicked Thumb as a brand.

“So You Made a BadAss Electric Bike”

The entire objective of all of this being to capture the minds of people who think e-bikes are soft and weak, all look the same and can’t be cool. If you’re one of those people, guess what? You aren’t any more. The Destroyer is appealing to life long motorcycle riders who want a different pace, or want to share any similarities of that experience with their family and friends who don’t ride. They want to throw it in the back of the truck, van or RV and take it camping or on vacation. They want to just get out on a bicycle again with a little more excitement. You can check every box when it comes to riding a Wicked bike.

And let’s think about the biggest group we connect with - those who dream of riding a motorcycle, but for whatever reason just can’t right now. For some of you it’s an evolution from a strictly pedal powered bike to getting the courage and confidence to graduate to a full size motorcycle. We want you to ride a motorcycle one day. I’m not the only one who says we’re the gateway drug from bicycle to motorcycle.

At the end of the day, riding on two wheels, uncaged is just a thrilling experience. It’s like taking your mask off. You don’t have to do 90 mph and dodge traffic to get some of that feeling. Wicked Thumb bikes are every bit as fun and have none of the barriers to entry motorcycles do - costs that often exceed the cost of a bike - insurance, titling and registration taxes and for some a drivers license.

At Wicked Thumb our main mission is to get more people spending more time on two wheels with their friends and family and less time in their houses, offices and cars. We Promise to Make Every Bike Meet the Utmost Quality, Safety and BadAss Style Standards That Every Wicked Thumb Army Member Demands.

Look for the Story of ‘Where the Destroyer Got It’s Name’ in A Future Wicked Thumb Beginnings Blog.

See you on the road!



Wicked Thumb Army Member #1

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