Announcing the Wicked Thumb Destroyer X Upgradeable Class 1 Ebike

Destroyer X hero image

The Destroyer X is the revolutionary new upgradeable class 1 ebike from Wicked Thumb.

Watch the intro video:

The first of it's kind, The Destroyer X can be upgraded from a class 1 to class 2 or class 3 electric bike any time in the future without expensive component upgrades or intimidating labor.  You simply send your computer here and we flash it with a new program and send it with the new throttle kit and supplemental plug and play wiring.

Most ebike riders will never need more than a class 1 ebike.  Class 1 ebikes are limited to 20mph via pedal assist only, and cannot include a throttle.  However, most class 1 ebikes are designed for the first time buyer with a low-powered class 1 motor, controller, battery and braking systems.  Some riders, however, realize that their appetite requires more speed, or a throttle.  Before today this typically required expensive new parts, throwing away old parts, and a ton of labor and downtime getting the bike upgraded in a bike shop.  In some cases it ends up being more practical or cost-effective to buy an entirely new bike.

We are changing things up with the Destroyer X upgradeable class 1 ebike.  Exchanging up to the next class without expensive new components or having to buy a new bike is a beautiful thing! You'll simply buy a class 2 or 3 flash and throttle package and send in your bike's computer for reprogramming.  The bike is already equipped to handle up to class 3.

Over the past 3 years we have all witnessed skyrocketing ebike prices and demand.  We get countless emails, texts, phone calls, and pleas for a more affordable bike for Wicked Thumb fans who don't need the class 3 performance we currently deliver.

This is our thank you to all of our supporters and a tribute to all the hard-working riders in America.  It's an open invitation to expand the Wicked Thumb Army at a lower price point with the ability to enhance your bike at any time in the future at a reasonable cost and in a moire environmentally responsible manner.

The Destroyer X is available for order exclusively on our website at

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