How to Remove the Battery from a Wicked Thumb E-bike

From time to time, you may need to remove your battery. Maybe you have a spare charged up and need to swap out when the battery you're using gets low. Maybe you need to replace an old battery that’s starting to fail. Or maybe you purchased a Destroyer X and need to remove it to upgrade your controller to a higher class. Whatever the case, in this guide, we’re going to go over the details of how to remove your battery. It's a fairly easy and straightforward process, so let's jump in.

Note: the steps in this guide and accompanying video will work on all of our bikes currently for sale in 2023.

Tools Needed

The only tool you’ll need for the process is a 4mm Allen wrench. You’ll also want to have some electrical tape. The tape isn't necessary, but nice to have.

Step 1

Before starting work, make sure your bike's on a stable platform.

Step 2

Make sure your battery is off. A good way to double-check is to press the power button on handlebar controls. If the battery is off, nothing should appear on the screen.

Step 3

Remove the two Allen bolts on the left side of the tank (the same side as the battery switch). The bolts are located on the bottom of the tank. One in the front, and one toward the back.

Step 4

Pull the retainer tabs on the tank free. There is one at the rear and one at the front. Pull down from back of the tank first, and the tabs should slide right out. Set your tank down somewhere that it won’t get scratched, like on a towel or other soft surface.

Step 5

Disconnect the wires from the battery. Each wire is different from each other, so there’s no need to label anything. The two prong wire that connects the battery to the controller can hold a charge so it’s a good idea to wrap it in some electrical tape for safety, so it doesn't accidentally get discharged.

Step 6

There are four Allen screws that hold the battery in place. Remove those screws.

Step 7

Make sure you have a firm hand on the battery so it doesn't suddenly drop out (these batteries are heavy, and while they’re tough, you don’t want to find out firsthand how they handle being dropped), and gently lift it out of the frame.

That’s it. The battery successfully removed.

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