How to Remove the Controller from a Wicked Thumb E-bike

Just like with removing your bike’s battery, sometimes you need to remove the controller for various reasons, like needing to service your bike’s controller or sending it in to be flashed and upgraded (for Destroyer X models).

It's a pretty quick and straightforward process, and in itself, requires no tools to accomplish (just the Allen wrench needed to remove the battery prior to removing the controller).

Follow this step-by-step guide (and it's accompanying video) to remove the controller from your Wicked Thumb Destroyer e-bike.

Step 1

Remove the battery. You’ll need the battery out of the way to remove the controller. Follow the instructions in our battery removal tutorial to remove the battery.

Step 2

There’s some heat shrink on the connector on the six wire cluster. Carefully score the heat shrink sheath with a knife (don’t cut too deep), and remove it, then disconnect the wires. 

Step 3

Disconnect the main three wires from the controller. 

Step 4

There are no screws holding the controller in place, so it will lift out easily. Pay attention to the orientation of how the controller is placed into the frame for reinstallation. It’s going to make putting the battery back in very difficult if you turn it the wrong way later.

And that's it for removing the controller. Easy peasy.

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