PayPal E-bike Scam Remediation Guide

This was kindly submitted by Dick Kimzey in regards to trying to get a refund from PayPal if you were a victim of the McQueen 750 Scam as detailed in this post.


Paypal Scam Remediation Guide by DK

So you thought you got a great deal on a McQueen ebike, and now found out you have been scammed.  Here’s what to do.  Make sure you have contacted the seller, and print the entire chain as a PDF (usually your inquiry will result in a bounceback).   If you have USPS Informed Delivery, print the notice from the day the fraudulent tracking number provided by the seller indicates the item was delivered.  Screenshot the text describing how the scam works from Wicked Thumb’s website. Login to Paypal, click Help and you should see a link at the bottom of the Help Popup to the Resolution Center (if you don’t see that link, you can search in the Help Popup for Resolution Center to find the link). Select the fraudulent transaction and start a case with Paypal, indicating that you never received the item.  Include all documentation that you have, including the link to the tracking number at USPS.com, as well as the URL to Wicked Thumb’s page describing the scam.  Type out a description of the issue (I’m a victim of Fraud, I made a purchase of the ebike on this date, it shows a tracking number in Paypal, no such package was delivered, attempt to contact seller resulted in a bounce back, please refund the purchase amount).  Depending on your documentation and how clearly you describe the issue, your refund *may* be immediate.  Results may vary. Wicked Thumb is not responsible for any fraud committed using content stolen from their website.  Save your dollars so you can buy the ebike directly from Wicked Thumb. 😊

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