13.5" Ape Hanger Install
13.5" Ape Hanger Install

13.5" Ape Hanger Install

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Turn Your Wicked Thumb Into the Ultimate Electric Chopper with These 13.5” Ape Hangers in Matte Black.  

Bars and Custom Factory Installation Service.

Installation Service Includes:

New extended front and rear brake lines

Extended shifter cable

Extended wiring

Oversize Shipping Differential

Note:  This service may only be performed at our Denton location.  We will not ship these parts separately.  DIY installations will VOID YOUR WARRANTY.  



Size: 7/8"

  • Neck: 1”

  • Width / Length: 32"

  • Rise / Reach: 13.5"

  • Color: Black

  • Finish: Painted

  • Type: Ape Hanger

  • Material: Steel