How to Install the Controller on a Wicked Thumb E-bike

If you ever need to remove the controller from your e-bike, it’s inevitable that you’ll need to put it back in. The step by step process in this post and accompanying video will work for any of our e-bikes.

You won’t need any tools to install the controller, but you will want some electrical tape or heat shrink to put onto the six wire connector to protect it. You want to be cautious as the edges of the frame can be a bit sharp, and the controller itself may hold a charge, which is why we have it taped up from the previous removal process.

All you’re really doing here is reconnecting the wires and sliding the controller back into the frame. Each of the wire connectors here are different from each other, in both shape and color, and have index marks in the form grooves and/or arrows to indicate orientation, so it’s pretty foolproof to to snap the connectors back together.

Step 1

Reconnect the three wires with the yellow connector. There is an index groove and arrows to indicate orientation. Line up the arrows and the groove on the connector and push it together firmly.

Step 2

Reconnect the multi-colored six wire connector. Look at the colors of the wires to help determine orientation. Line up the white side to the other white side, and red side to the other red side, and push it together firmly.

Step 3

Reconnect the main wiring harness that comes down from the bars through the frame. This is going to be the black multi-pin connection. There’s an arrow just like all the other connections. Line up the arrows and push it together firmly.

Step 4

Reconnect the multi-pin wire with the yellow tips. Align the arrows on the wire, and press the connector together firmly.

Step 5

Leave the two pin connector (that is wrapped in electrical tape) alone for now, as it will be connected when reinstalling the battery.

Step 6

Place the controller back into the frame. The way that this came out is the same way it goes back in. Typically this is with the finned side towards the right side of the bike (ie. facing away from you), and with the wires oriented toward the back of the bike.

Tilt the controller forward, and it should seat into it’s spot in the frame. 

Step 7

Wrap the connector of the six wire plug in some electrical tape or heat shrink. If using heat shrink, you’ll need to disconnect the wires, put the heat shrink on, and reconnect them.

Now you’re all set to reinstall the battery and get back on the road.

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